Become a Member

We welcome any person with at least 21 years of age for membership who is interested in forging the future of this group in support of Essex County public safety officers. All future members must be referred by an active member and have the approval of the Two Hundred Club of Essex County’s Executive Committee.

The Two Hundred Club of Essex County offers two (2) forms of membership: Platinum-$500.00 and Gold-$250.00.
Platinum member participants receive a metal platinum identification membership card, platinum member decal, which can be displayed on your vehicle, office window, etc. and a platinum member certificate, which all display the year of participation.

Gold member participants receive a gold plastic identification membership card and a gold member decal, which display the year of participation.

Please complete and submit the following membership application. If the applicant meets the Club’s membership criteria, he/she will be contacted via email and payment can be made online.

Shortly thereafter, the approved member will receive his/her membership packet. The Club’s by-laws require that the card be returned at any point at which the member decides to terminate his/her membership or cease paying dues.